Judge Katarina Cook
Akron Municipal Court

DOWNTOWN AKRON — Akron Municipal Court Judge Katarina Cook was sworn in for her new term by Summit County Common Pleas Court Judge Alison McCarty at a ceremony in Cook’s home Dec. 31, with her family and friends in attendance, as shown above. The new term commenced Jan. 1. 


Judge Julie Schafer was also sworn in that same evening by Cook, shown at right, and Schafer’s term started Jan. 2.

The term is for a period of six years.







Akron's Own
Judge Katarina Cook
Unseats Incumbent in November 2009 Municipal Court Race


Katarina Cook ran for a judicial seat which was occupied by a political appointment.   Katarina Cook was on the ballot on November 3, 2009, to fill the unexpired term for judge.
Cook, along with Thomas McCarty, unseated two of the three political appointments made by then-Governor Strickland for the Akron Municipal Court. This is no small feat considering that in nearly fifty races with an incument municipal judge across the State of Ohio, only three incumbents lost to a challenger in the 2009 General Election. 

Judge Katarina Cook is enjoying serving the citizens of this community. One of the most rewarding duties as a municipal court judge is performing weddings. Judge Cook is available to marry couples both at the Akron Municipal Court and off-site.

On the bench, Judge Katarina Cook takes her responsiblilities seriously and maintains her tough but fair approach that she initiated as a Traffic Court Magistrate. Cook takes the bench each time Court is in session, making herself accessible to the people who appear. 

Knowing that parties have time constraints, Judge Cook's Court allows walk-ins four mornings per  week. (M-W, F 8-8:30AM). During those sessions, driving privileges, extentions on payment plans, community service or other sentences are addressed along with any questions the party may have for the judge. While this Court is not permitted to give legal advice, many of these issues are not of a legal nature.

As magistrate, Cook managed the largest caseload in the Akron Municipal Court effectively and efficiently.  Continuing that precedent, Judge Katarina Cook maintains her caseload in order to serve the public in a timely manner.    

For more than four years, Katarina Cook served as magistrate of the Akron Municipal Court personally handling nearly 25,000 cases. As the traffic court magistrate, Judge Katarina Cook heard hundreds of trials and dealt with the most serious offenses in this court, specifically drunk driving cases.  She ensured that more than 450 drunk drivers were sentenced according to the law. 

During her tenure, she implemented new programming for people to obtain and maintain their drivers’ license.  Cook states, “I want to fight for the safety of Akron’s citizens and will continue my reputation at the Akron Municipal Court as being tough but fair.”

 As a determined, no-nonsense prosecutor handling child abuse cases for four years, Judge Katarina Cook was on the Child Sex Abuse Task Force in Stark County, having received specialized training in prosecuting and investigating cases involving child victims. 

Holding a position as magistrate was not Katarina Cook’s first employment at the Akron Municipal Court.  She served as a judicial law clerk while a law student at Akron U.  Cook also held a judicial internship at the U.S. Sixth District Court of Appeals.


Cook believes in volunteering in her community. While maintaining her private law practice, Cook took no fee cases,  accepting cases from the Volunteer Legal Services Project and  assisted those whose homes are in foreclosure.  


Katarina Cook has deep roots in the community, having attended the Akron Public Schools and  graduating from Firestone High School.  A wife and mother of four boys, Cook has made her home in Akron. 


The Akron Municipal Court serves Akron, Fairlawn, Bath, Richfield, Lakemore, Mogadore, and Springfield Township. 




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